Vol 2 • March 2013

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One Size Fits All? A Case for the Improvement Science Approach
Nancy Riebling, MS, PMP, MT (ASCP); Adrin Mammen, MS, MBA, FACHE

The Use of Arena Simulation Modeling in Staffing Decisions
for the Blank Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic: Iowa Health Des Moines
Vanessa Louise Calderon, BSIE 

Examining the Relationship between Medical Home and Patient Experience
Lori R. Pelletier, PhD, MBA; Sharon A. Johnson, PhD;
Edward R. Westrick, MS, MD, PhD; Robert A. Klugman, MD, FACP 

A Quality Improvement Project:
Decreasing the Time from Diagnosis to Surgery in Patients with Bladder Cancer
Otto Sandoval, M.D.; Andrew Blake; Josh Barnes-Livermore; Doug Salvador, M.D., MPH;
Brian Jumper, M.D.; Jennifer Powers ; Moritz Hansen, M.D.; Craig Hawkins, M.D.

Geographic Cohorting – An Industrial Engineering Approach to Reducing Waste
Tze Chao Chiam, PhD; Lori Pelletier, PhD; Richard Forster, M.D.

How One Hospital Stopped Paying $200,000 for $1 Sponges and Saved $1,200,000
Stephen Harden 

Case Study: “Night Shift “Quietly” Rocks!!”
Joanne Bayless