Submission Guidelines

The Journal of the Society for Healthcare Improvement Professionals (JSHIP) is a new publication for those engaged in process reengineering, service excellence and quality improvement.  We publish the journal quarterly.  Each issue of the journal will contain 4 to 6 articles, and 2 or 3 case studies.

We are seeking high-quality, original papers related to performance excellence within the healthcare sector that meet the following criteria:

  • Studies offering insights and new ideas about how to make meaningful improvements in healthcare operations.
  • Case studies related to process/organizational improvements with demonstrated results in service excellence, customer satisfaction, productivity, operations (e.g., through-put/efficiency), quality and safety.
  • Research (primary/secondary) related to change management, project management, leadership, strategic policy deployment/Hoshin, Lean, and Six Sigma, etc.

Length. Articles should be about 1,500 to 3,000 words.  Case studies under about 1,000 words.  The use of graphics, illustrations, charts, diagrams, and photographs, etc. are highly encouraged.  

Editing. We reserve the right to edit articles prior to publication, and such changes will be made at the discretion of the editor.  If the changes are substantive, we will contact the author for approval before publishing.

Images (photographs, charts, graphs, tables)

  • Please submit your graphics as placeholders within the article so we know where they are to appear.
  • Image files must be submitted in JPEG, PNG or EPS format and have a file extension of .jpg or .jpeg, .png, or .eps.
  • We also accept PPT slides.
  • To be eligible to be printed at the largest size, images should be 1730 pixels wide by 2000 pixels high or larger.

We Prefer APA Style

See The Basics of APA Style® 

Regarding Content

Articles will be peer reviewed. Topics related to health plans, hospitals and health systems, and ambulatory care/clinic settings will be considered. JSHIP will be published online.

JSHIP Manuscript Submission and Format

  • Title: Cambria 24 Normal
  • Body Header: Calibri 11 Bold
  • Body Section: Calibri 11 Normal     Indentation Left: 0″     Indentation Right: 0″     Special: none
  • Spacing Before: 0 pt     Spacing After: 10 pt     Line Spacing: Multiple At 1.15
  • Article title should be part of the footer on each page, in Cambria 9 Bold, with the correspondent page numbers to the right of the article title, on the same line, also in Cambria 9 B.
  • Top and side margins: One inch

Front Pages. Under the title of your work, list authors’ names, affiliations, and complete addresses with contact phone numbers and email addresses. An abstract of 200 words or less can also be included.

Acknowledgment. If you wish to acknowledge financial support or other assistance, add a note at the bottom of your title page.

Back Pages. Group references and any appendixes, tables, and figures at the end of your manuscript.

Headings and Sections. Use boldface, left-justified type for all headings.

Footnotes. Use footnotes placed on their respective pages (not endnotes).


Technical terms. Help your work to be accessible to JSHIP’s wide-ranging readership. Define key technical terms not in a general-use.

Abbreviations. Avoid using abbreviations for the names of concepts. Use the same name for a variable throughout your text, tables, figures, and appendixes. 

Biased language. Do not use “he” or “she” exclusively. Using the plural— changing “the manager . . . he” to “managers . . . they”—is one solution; using “he or she” (“him or her”) is another. 

Appendixes. Present long but essential methodological details, such as the calculation of measures, in an appendix or appendixes. Be concise. 

Tables and Figures. The preferred format for regular tables is Microsoft Word; however, Acrobat PDF is also acceptable. Tables that contain artwork or graphics must be submitted as illustrations in an acceptable format. 

Biography. Each author should submit a biographical sketch of about 50 words. Your sketch should identify where you earned your highest degree, your present affiliation and position, and your current research interests.

JSHIP Policies

No Prior Publication

JSHIP expects that the articles it publishes will not have been published or released elsewhere before they are published in JSHIP.


Material published in the Journal of the Society for Healthcare Improvement Professionals online (ISSN TO COME) is covered by copyright. All rights are reserved under United States and international copyright and other laws and conventions.


Prior to publication, we require authors to document their role by signing the following statement: “I, the undersigned, certify that I accept responsibility for the content of this article. I helped write this manuscript, and agree with the decisions about it. I have seen and approved the final manuscript. Neither the article nor any essential part of it, including tables or figures, will be published elsewhere before appearing in the JSHIP.” 

Financial Associations/Conflict of Interest

The Journal of the Society for Healthcare Improvement Professionals is committed to publishing the highest quality research and reliable, authoritative review articles that are free from commercial influence. If you have any questions about affiliations or potential conflicts of interests, please contact the editor at [email protected]

First Principles of Web Content [1]

Clarity and economy of expression are equally important when creating content for publication on the Web. Readers have short attention spans for Web copy, making it critical that all content follow these guidelines:

  • Use short sentences and phrases.
  • Get to the point.
  • Omit unnecessary words.
  • Don’t repeat yourself.
  • Read and edit your copy before submission to the editor.

Submit your articles to [email protected]

[1] Thanks to the Institute of Industrial Engineers, Journal guidelines.